Saturday, September 10, 2011

Old Fashioned Elegance

I'm really loving the new enameling technique I learned.  This pendant was made with a combination of alcohol inks, gold embossing powder and amethyst embossing tinsel.  I covered it all with clear UTEE.  I have found it is easier to embed an object, such as the brass flower, if you melt all the powders, let the piece cool, set the object on top of the piece, then reheat to just melted.  In this case, also lightly covered the flower in UTEE so it would be "in" the piece, not outside of it.  Once it was cooled, I wrapped it in a beautiful Vintaj filigree.    This close-up pretty well represents the true colors of the pendant, purple and green.

The pictures of the comlete necklace don't do it justice.  I had trouble getting the colors in the pendant and beads to show up. All that's really visible here is the form it has taken, the design itself.    I repeated the theme with flowers as connectors to the bead units.  I used glass beads with a metallic finish in purple and gold to match the pendant. 

I wish the photos would better to capture the essence of the piece.  It is really quite lovely, especially with the amethyst tinsel embedded in the enamel!

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