Sunday, September 18, 2011

On a Lazy, Rainy Sunday

Talk about couch potato!  It's a cold, rainy day, and I have spent the majority of it with my rear-end planted firmly on the couch.  I did take a couple of breaks from my lounging to engage in something productive... I made some microwave caramel corn.   I took a some photographs for my Etsy store and listed some items.  (I just reopened my store after taking about six months off.)  And I recycled a cute little Polar peaches jar into a cute little tea light holder, using leftover bead dangles I have been stockpiling for just such a project.

Isn't it cute?  (I spilled the wax a little bit when I was moving it to the light box to take a picture.)  I''m thinking they would make cute little gifts for incidental occasions. 

Easy to make instructions:

  1. Clean glass jar.  (I used a Polar fruit jar because it has a cute shape and no words or advertising marks on it.  So, technically, I guess step #1 is "eat fruit!")
  2. With approximately 5' of wire in a coil, begin to unwind wire around the top of the jar, below the place where the cap screws on.   Leaving about a 3" tail, twist the wire a couple of times. 
  3. Proceed around the jar with the wire one complete time around.
  4. Continue to wrap wire aroundd jar, stopping about every 2-1/2  inches.  At each interval, tuck the wire around the back of the wire that is already there, string on one bead unit (or bead), and twist with jewelry pliers to secure bead in place.  Continue around about four times, or until you reach your starting point and you know you will not be able to make another trip around the jar.  
  5. You will want to be sure you can have at least 4" of wire left as a second tail.   This may require that you cut the wire if your tail looks like it will be more than 5" long.  Tightly twist the two tails together near the top a couple of times.  (One tail should be longer than the other for asymmetry.)
  6. Wind each tail around the barrel of the inside of a pen to create a small coil.   Pull the coils apart to resemble ribbon.
  7. Take your jewelry pliers and grab the individual wires in between the bead units and slightly turn them in random fashion to create interesting kinks, twists and turns in the wire.
  8. Light a little tea light and enjoy your new creation!
To learn how to make bead units click here.

And now, I'm back on the couch enjoying what's left of this lazy, rainy Sunday enjoying my new little tea light!

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